Outsourcing Software

Outsourcing has its key advantages in cost savings and getting access to a wide variety of skills outside the domain of a business. Simultaneous to these advantages, outsourcing has also been linked with a wide array of disadvantages which can cause a lot of havoc and completely spoil the contracting agreement. Pride Team understands the pros and cons of such an outsourcing agreement and has devised methods to manage the risks, while enhancing the advantages and undermining the associated disadvantages.We, at Pride Team, have developed efficient and effective communication channels which take the stress and pain out of outsourcing projects. We offer competitive pricing and round the clock support to our clients.

Our founders have been instrumental in a number of successful outsourcing engagements involving both on-site and off-site outsourcing arrangements.

We offer a variety of engagement models for outsourcing :


As the name suggests, the cost for the project is fixed after freezing the project scope. Any deviation from the original agreed upon scope is evaluated based on the time and complexity and is priced accordingly. This model is best for projects where there is very less or no possibility of the project scope changing.


The project cost is calculated based on the time spent by the resources deployed on the project. The hourly cost of each resource is decided and multiplied by the total number of hours spent. This model is best for projects where there is a possibility of the scope changing during the development phase.

We at Pride Team strive to help you enjoy the benefits of an outsourcing agreement without the pains associated with it. We endeavor to be present when ever and where ever our clients need us.